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Both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have access to all services and facilities provided for students' welfare. The UT has several main dormitories around its campuses, the most important of which is the Amirabad dormitory which hosts more than 10,000 students, both male and female, single and married. Amirabad dormitory consists of over 100 hectares (250 acres) of land in a beautiful location in the city of Tehran, only a few kilometers away from the various campuses while having all of the facilities needed for student life. Students in Amirabad dorm enjoy several sport centers, gyms, wrestling halls, Zurkhaneh (Iranian traditional sport), swimming pools, movie theaters, restaurants, mosques, libraries, IT services, student clubs and a counseling center. Medical insurance is provided for all students free of charge. Furthermore, high-speed wireless Internet access is available all around the Dorm free of charge. One of the major sport complexes of the University which includes a soccer field, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts is less than 500 meters from the Dorm. Around the clock free transportation is available from the Dorm to the University’s central campus. Subsidized hot meals are provided for all the students, costing less than half a US dollar for all the meals in a day. National Sport Competitions are held annually, in which the students of UT usually win many medals. Currently over 120 academic student societies and some 50 cultural and artistic centers are active in the University of Tehran with more than 220 student associations' publications.

The University has a psychological well-being consultation center including a twenty four hour hotline to help struggling students, especially to reduce stress during examination periods. The University’s student clubs sponsor numerous activities including domestic and overseas trips. Furthermore, in order to promote academic excellence among students, the University hosts more than 118 scientific associations. There are also 14 Student Unions active in cultural, welfare and academic affairs.