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Tehran Small Animal Research and Teaching Hospital

1. Tehran Small Animal Research and Teaching Hospital: Located at the heart of the city, Tehran SARTH is the busiest small animal referral center in the country. Tehran SARTH is fully equipped and enjoys state of the art diagnostic and interventional instruments in five sections:

2. Small animal internal medicine: In addition to performing routine diagnostic procedures on referred animals, the specialized cardiologic, neurologic, edoscopic, and ophthalmoscopic diagnostic equipment assist the faculty members and residents of the SARTH to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic services for the animal owners.

3. Wild and exotic animal referral center: Almost all zoos in the country occasionally refer their animals to the SARTH, as they know the best services and high-tech medical procedures are available at this center. The faculty of veterinary medicine has many contracts with different animal collections, zoos and conservation programs, and also has a unique section specifically for the mentioned services.

4. Diagnostic imaging: SARTH is the exclusive center for digital radiology, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, echocardiography, and computed tomography for small animals in the country. Numerous small animal, avian and exotic animal cases are referred to this center on a daily basis, making the diagnostic imaging section of the SARTH the best educational center not only in the country, but also in the region.

5. Surgery: Various kinds of orthopedic and soft tissue operations are performed by faculty members and postgraduate surgery residents. Microsurgery, endosurgery, spinal surgery and ophthalmosurgery are some of the specialized procedures carried out in this section. Stem cells tissue engineering, low level laser therapy, trans-species tissue grafting, and innovative endosurgical approach are some of the running projects in this section.

6. Diagnostic laboratory: Performing diagnostic clinical biochemistry tests, hematologic investigation, cytologic examination of clinical specimens, and microbiologic procedures are the main tasks of the diagnostic laboratory of SARTH, which is under the supervision of the faculty members of the department of pathology.

7. Pet bird Clinic: Having more than 2,500 cases each year makes the Avian Clinic of the UT, one of the busiest clinics in the region. In addition to the companion and exotic avian examination rooms, the clinic has a necropsy and a specialized diagnostic laboratory which perform most of the routine diagnostic tests on the referred birds. An operation room equipped with anesthesia machine, endoscopy and laparoscopy instruments are other facility in this clinic.