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About Faculty

Being the cradle of civilization where the human history began, many animal domestications have been rooted in Iran. Although the first national higher education school in veterinary medicine exploiting modern methods was founded by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1932, but veterinary training and education in Iran has a long history as the Iranian civilization. In 1937, the school of veterinary sciences was renamed the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and by 1945 it joined the UT. Currently, the main campus of the faculty is located at the heart of the Tehran metropolis and was constructed in 1950s.

The faculty is doubtlessly the backbone of veterinary research and education in Iran. The academic staff consists of more than 100 full-time faculty members and many adjunct professors also support the faculty mainly in postgraduate studies. Seven professors from the faculty have been honored in the Everlasting People of Iran, one of the most prestigious national scientific and cultural awards. Consisting of twelve academic departments, the faculty has a leading role in postgraduate training of veterinary and animal sciences in Iran. Moreover, two Veterinary Research and Teaching Hospitals for small and large animal medicine and also two separate specialized referral clinics for avian species and aquatic animals are pioneering state-of-the-art veterinary centers in the region. The professional veterinary clinicians (as the faculty staff) not only provide nation-wide veterinary services, but are also consulted by neighboring countries.