Education and research in the fields of basic, Veterinary and comparative  Veterinary and human biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology
Training specialized personnel in master and doctorate levels with above mentioned specializations
Involvement in the teaching of general course of Veterinary Medicine students
Offering technical services to industry in regard to the abilities of the scientific and supportive personnel of the Department


Professional Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM): 6 years
Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Science: 1.5 year
PhD in Veterinary Pharmacology: 3.5 years
MSc in Toxicology: 2 years
PhD in Toxicology: 3.5 years


Working in research and industrial laboratories and centers relevant to our existing specializations
Teaching activities at Universities and research centers
Independent research in the fields of Veterinary and Medical basic sciences
Offering specialized services in public and legal sectors
Involvement in the establishment and running of science-oriented Companies
Production of biological and medicinal substances
Working in the areas of living environment, wild life, etc.