- Sat, 4 Feb 2023

Department of Animal and Poultry Health and Nutrition

Group Objectives:

Training veterinary undergraduate and postgraduate student in the field of livestock and poultry health management

Research and teaching in the field of prevention of animal diseases using the principles of good health management

Research and teaching in the field of animal and poultry nutrition management and health

Prevention and control of animal and poultry diseases

In addition to teaching DVM undergraduate courses, a PhD discipline titles as "Animal Feed Health" is presented in the department. The postgraduate courses generally takes four years to be finished.


:Role and capability of graduates
Health management of commercial livestock
Health management of poultry premises
Providing control measures for prevention of animal and poultry diseases
Animal and poultry feed analysis to prevent low performance or malnutrition
Planning for and/or management of animal and poultry feed producing plants
Identification and diagnosis of health hazards in healthy production of animals and their feed
Providing management and technical measures to reduce the production health hazards