Programs Duration:

Minimum of 2 years for MSc to 5 years for Ph.D. students maximum

Our Vision and Target:

The goal of the department is to develop food science in all levels of education.
Here in the department of food hygiene and quality control, we innovate the newest method in
- Lab techniques
- Food science
- Food safety
- Food preservation
- Food processing
- Food analysis
- Food chemistry and technology
Our sophisticated team is responsible in teaching for DVM, MSc, phD candidates.
This department of Food hygiene and quality control holds scientific congress and workshops as well as so many other short duration research programs and scholars.
Also the department covers all the food relevant experiments and trials with scientific methods which have reliable sources.
Our Mission provides high quality and accessible education, influential research, creative endeavors. Team and staff members Values are Mutual Respect, Integrity & Honesty.
Pioneer in food safety, food preservation study and research in our country, the members of our community are our defining resource.
The Faculty of Food quality control and hygiene utilize a huge source of well-known Professors and masters in advancing better future in Food sciences.

The roles and abilities of alumni:
The main tasks of the higher education institutions are to provide education and conduct research, and to cooperate with the surrounding community and work to ensure that research results come to good use. Alumni are a significant part of the department of The faculty of food quality control and hygiene and as a better explanation alumni are the future of food science and industry of the country and positively impacting the food and nutrition fields each day.